Welcome to the Dharma Friends of Israel

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"Dharma Friends Of Israel" association is a group of friends who study and practice dharma and meditation in the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism. Around the year the group invites teachers from overseas and organizes a variety of lectures, courses and workshops in Israel. The group believes that studying and practicing the dharma principles improves our quality of life and contributes to the environment we live in. The group members are happy to help whoever wishes to explore the world of dharma and meditation.

The group organizes various activities throughout the year, and weekly encounters in order to meditate, study and practice together.

The organization has a library from which you can borrow dharma books or purchase books in Hebrew and English about meditation, Buddhism and other related subjects.

The association is a nonprofit organization. All the revenues are donations, and the activities are performed by the group volunteers. We believe that the exposure to the dharma principles improves our life quality and contributes to our environment.

ספרייה ולימוד

ספרים בהוצאת ידידי הדהרמה

"למלא את הלב בחמלה"

כבוד הדלאי לאמהּ ה-14  

ספרו של כבוד הדלאי לאמה - "למלא את הלב בחמלה", המראה לנו כיצד החמלה יכולה להיות מקור בלתי נדלה של אושר בחיינו. למידע נוסף ורכישה