Sangha- Practice Groups

In addition to our activity along the year and the workshops with the different teachers, there are weekly encounters of practice and study groups, all around Israel.

The aim of the encounters is to deepen our knowledge about Buddhism by studying various Buddhist texts, and to deepen our practice by practicing meditation.

In order to get more information or to join one of the groups, you can contact the group organizers, using the contact details listed below.

Buddhism From A to Z

A few practice groups that make part of the "Buddhism From A to Z" program were opened recently. It is possible to join the groups at any phase. The practice group provides us an opportunity for a weekly practice on regular basis, a practice that includes accurate instructions, reviewing the learnt material, a joint conversation about the difficulties that arise during the practice, suggested solutions and more.

The groups are also beneficial for people that weren't present in the courses and that want to study the material, to intensify their practice and to receive answers to their questions.

If you are interested in joining a practice group or if you wish to open an you group in your area, please contact  Iki Bar Yosef:

To join the practice groups:

Tel Aviv– Sutin st.  Mondays.

For more information contact Liora:

Hertzelia.  Sundays at 18:30.

For more information contact Ruth:

09-9552619, or Nisim 054-4552991 , .

Karkur. Tuesday morning.

For more information contact Michal:




On Mondays between 19:15-20:30, the Haifa group, that was founded six years ago, meets. We combine between basic Shamata meditation (single point concentration) and analytical meditations related to the subjects we study. We study subjects out of the "Lam Rim" and sometimes we dedicate special practices, if needed.

The study is leaded by the senior members of the group. The group receives new members all over the year, and is always happy to go over the basis of Buddhism again.

The group meets in the Carmel area.

For further information and for joining the group please contact Miri:

 0508429511 ,


On Wednesdays between 20:30-22:30 the Tivon sangha meets, for already seven years. We always start with half an hour of meditation, mostly without guidance.

The study includes: reviewing the materials of the "Dharma Friends" courses, or other courses we participated in.  We also study texts and listen to courses led by other teachers.

We study by listening to lectures and by discussing the learnt material.

In addition, we invite different teachers to the sangha for lectures, and sometimes for a one or two day course or practice.

The group is open for anyone who wants to practice with us.

Telephone numbers:

For leaving a massage: 04-9837308 or 04-9837308

Home number:  04-9530286  or 04-9530286

Email: or, Tali and Peled Tzchor.


Wednesdays at 20:30




Mondays at 20:15 concentration meditation, according to Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche's book: what makes you not a Buddhist?

Tuesdays, introduction to Buddhism:  concentration meditation, teaching and a talk according to Lama Yeshe's and Lama Zopa Rinpoche's: Wisdom Energy

04-9800706 , 054-5345733


Tel Aviv

Sundays at 19:30

A study group according to Geshe Klensang Wangmo's teachings about Prajnaparamita- "The Perfection of Wisdom" sutras. The principle text is "Ornament of Clear Realization", which is Maitreya's exegesis on "The Perfection of Wisdom" sutras.

The study is suitable for those who are interested in Buddhist philosophy.

It is required to have some knowledge about the four schools of Buddhism in order to join the group.

For further information please contact Liora:


Ongoing study program

Alongside the courses' activities and in order to make the most of teachers' visits we started an ongoing program as part of the philosophy group "The middle Way", that meets at Varda's every Monday. The program is suitable for those already familiar with the basic terms of Tibetan Buddhism and are willing to commit to long term study.

The program was presented to Gen Gyatso during his last visit to Israel, who approved it and suggested also including practices relevant for intermediate level practitioners [according to Je Tsongkhapa's three categories of practitioners in Lam Ream Chen Mo], a suggestion that we accepted.

The idea behind the program is to deepen the knowledge of the subjects taught in courses as well as other subjects related to the Middle Way. Once in a while we offer a course on a specific subject, with the approval of our teachers and the Dahrma Friends management we will dedicate an entire course to a specific subject.

The aim of the program is to cover all the principal subjects as they are presented in the Gelugpa tradition. However, according to the circumstances we will make an effort to provide other points of view from other traditions in order to provide an extensive coverage, due to an understanding that all the Tibetan traditions drain to the same meaning from different points of view and different emphasizes. In addition, the goal is to provide the practitioner a general understanding and the ability to attend to related literature in order to analyze and clarify issues that he or she encounters during the practice and the daily life.

Please contact Ze'ev

Philosophy program


The first Wednesday of every month

Please contact Eviatar Shulman a professor in the Asia and Middle East department of Tel Aviv University

Once a month there is a group that practices the Green Tara in Tel Aviv.

Mical 077-3430022



South of Israel



ספרייה ולימוד

ספרים בהוצאת ידידי הדהרמה

"כיצד לראות את עצמך כפי שהנך באמת"

כבוד הדלאי לאמהּ ה-14  

בספרו "כיצד לראות את עצמך כפי שהנך באמת" מדריך אותנו כבוד הדלאי לאמה כיצד לראות את עצמנו כפי שאנו באמת, על מנת שנוכל להתחיל ליצור את העולם שבו נרצה לחיות. למידע נוסף ורכישה