Dear Dharma Friends,

We are happy to inform you that the activity of our association is continuously growing- more and more teachers arrive to Israel, and so there are more and more retreats, lectures and urban courses to organize.

In addition, we launched a long-term study program called Buddhism From A to Z and founded a publishing company that has already published one book by the Dalai Lama translated into Hebrew, and that is about to publish another book by him.

Due to the growth of our activity, we need all types of professionals to help us and support our activity

Like an accountant and a director of accounts. We also need to promote our activity, to amplify our advertisement and to build a new website so the connection with all the Dharma friends will be fixed and facile.

As our beloved teacher requested we also organize long retreats that their aim is propounding the Buddhist practice, which require the support of the whole association.

In these days, like in every year, we continue performing our activities on the basis of Dāna-donation that is based

Therefore, we turn to you, the Dharma Friends community members, and we offer you to intensify your personal connection with the association and the activities by taking the responsibility and donating a fixed monthly donation, in any amount of money that is possible for you, via credit card.

This is a possibility to implement the Dharma, the spiritual way and the veneration of our beloved teachers, in our daily life.

We believe that a fixed donation of many people, each one according to his or hers ability, will reinforce the association and will permit us to continue preforming our activity in a calm and assured manner. In addition, your donation will permit us to give an appropriate Dana to the teachers that arrive to Israel and to support the projects that they promote.

In each one of our activities it is possible to sign up for this kind of donation in the accounts department desk.

For general information and for queries about the association, you can contact us:

Dharma-phone: 052-4710445

Facebook group: dharma.israel

Many thanks,

The association board.

ספרייה ולימוד

ספרים בהוצאת ידידי הדהרמה

"להגיע להארה"

כבוד הדלאי לאמהּ ה-14  

"להגיע להארה" הוא ספר חשוב ומהותי בו פורש בפנינו הדלאי לאמה, בדרך בהירה ומעשית, את שלבי התרגול הרוחני בדרך להשגת מצב ההארה שלמה, מצב תודעה שהוא הרמה הגבוהה ביותר של ההתפתחות הרוחנית. למידע נוסף ורכישה