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Dear Dharma Friends,

Please consider this request as a personal approach. We need your help in advertising our activity and uploading material to the Dharma Friends Website and Fecebook group. I am completely sure that even though this assignment will consume a little bit from your time you will enjoy it. I have no doubt about it.

We need a group of volunteers that will help us in editing the Dharma Friends' recordings [reducing background noise, shortening the recording when needed]. Dalit, who is responsible for the website will guide the volunteers and will teach them the required job. In addition, we are looking for a practitioner with Dharma experience who will go over the recordings and mark the learning subjects: e.g. from this point until this point the subject of the recording is impermanence, from this point until this point the subject of the recording is afflictive emotions and so forth. The abilities required: motivation, liability and of course a certain amount of free time. If you are able to do this job, even a small part of it, it would help us a lot. Please contact me. Please note that most of the recordings are in English, so English speakers can help us a lot!

In addition, if you want me to contact you when a teacher arrives to Israel in order to help organizing the visit, from managing it to driving and hosting teachers, please send me your details, so that I will insert them in the volunteers list. Please specify in which subject you would like to help.

Please write to Tami Shelef – tami@ettem.com

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Healing From A War 2012 By Venerable Chodron

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"להגיע להארה"

כבוד הדלאי לאמהּ ה-14  

"להגיע להארה" הוא ספר חשוב ומהותי בו פורש בפנינו הדלאי לאמה, בדרך בהירה ומעשית, את שלבי התרגול הרוחני בדרך להשגת מצב ההארה שלמה, מצב תודעה שהוא הרמה הגבוהה ביותר של ההתפתחות הרוחנית. למידע נוסף ורכישה